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Residential Surveys

We undertake residential surveys across the UK, we specialise in properties in Berkshire and Oxfordshire. We offer competitive rates and a fast turnaround. 

Your home is likely to be the biggest purchase you’ll ever make, so having a survey is worth it. A survey could potentially save you thousands of pounds in costly repair bills in the future. Which?, the Council of Mortgage Lenders and any solicitor will advise you to get a survey before you buy a property, and not just to rely on a mortgage valuation. Here’s why:

Mortgage valuation

A valuation is not a survey. Your mortgage lender may send a valuer or use a computer programme to assess whether the property offers sufficient security for the amount of the mortgage. The valuer is only concerned with problems that might affect the security of the loan, not whether there are any structural problems that need fixing.


Building Survey

Thames Valley Surveying undertakes Residential Building Surveys.  This is the most detailed form of survey to see if there are any problems with the property. It’s like a ‘health check’ for buildings, which could save you thousands in the future. There are three main types:

The building survey provides a detailed report on construction and condition. It’s particularly useful if the property is dilapidated, has been extensively altered or you’re planning a major conversion or renovation.

You can get more information on the types of survey available by reading the RICS Guide to Surveys, which is available at : -

Guidance on Flooding

The risk of flooding is growing. Flooding could seriously affect the value and amenity of your home or business premises. Thames Valley Surveying have the right skills to react quickly to help reinstate your property following a flooding event.  We are happy to work with all major insurers and loss adjusters.

There will probably be an increasing number of floods in the future due to changes in weather patterns, the amount of new building on low-lying areas in recent years, and other local factors.

Many properties which have not previously been at risk of flooding now are. Of the 28 million homes in the UK, over five million are currently at risk, as well as over 300,000 business premises and many more public and utility services buildings. For most of these properties the risk of being flooded in any one year is still small, but for several hundred thousand properties, especially those which have been flooded in recent years, the risk is more significant.

The increasing risk of flooding can reduce the value of your home or business premises and may make it more difficult and expensive to get insurance cover. A flood can threaten your safety, cause serious damage to your property and its contents, and will result in many months of dislocation and disruption.

The following RICS guide will tell you what you need to know about flooding and flood risk to your property (the land and the buildings on it), and what you can do to deal with this risk.

Commercial Surveys

The following article explains why getting a commercial building survey is so important prior to purchase or lease of a property.

Commercial Surveys

Deciding to lease or purchase your own premises is a major step for any business. With the cost of agents and solicitors it can be tempting to cut corners and not undertake a building survey. However, instructing Thames Valley Surveying to inspect the premises could be money well spent and save you unexpected costs in the future.

All buildings require expenditure to keep them in good repair and at a standard that meets your business needs. A survey will identify the existing defects and also the likely longer term issues with the property.  

Our Surveys will cover: -

Technical defects

Advising on building defects is the core content of a building survey report.  It will cover all the elements of the building fabric and identify any defects. The surveyor will also provide a budget cost for required remedial works. We often uncover unexpected defects that can cost thousands to put right.  Knowing this information before you purchase or lease a property helps to plan the expenditure and can also help you negotiate the purchase price or rent.

We recently assisted a Tenant who was about to take a 10 year lease on a large warehouse in East London.  The asbestos roof was at the end of its life and through negotiation with the Landlord this roof was replaced prior to the Tenants occupation.  Before signing up to full repairing leases you should be fully advised on the likely future costs.

Legal obligations

Occupying property requires compliance with a wide range of statutory obligations. Our survey will help to identify key areas that may require further investigation.  In particular we are experienced fire risk assessors and will identify areas of non-compliance.

Occupational issues

Our survey reports will identify any issues with the building that may restrict your occupation. We will also advise on long term issues such as future maintenance costs and likely energy usage.