Residential Surveys

We undertake residential surveys across the UK, we specialise in properties in Berkshire and Oxfordshire. We offer competitive rates and a fast turnaround. 

Your home is likely to be the biggest purchase you’ll ever make, so having a survey is worth it. A survey could potentially save you thousands of pounds in costly repair bills in the future. Which?, the Council of Mortgage Lenders and any solicitor will advise you to get a survey before you buy a property, and not just to rely on a mortgage valuation. Here’s why:

Mortgage valuation

A valuation is not a survey. Your mortgage lender may send a valuer or use a computer programme to assess whether the property offers sufficient security for the amount of the mortgage. The valuer is only concerned with problems that might affect the security of the loan, not whether there are any structural problems that need fixing.


Building Survey

Thames Valley Surveying undertakes Residential Building Surveys.  This is the most detailed form of survey to see if there are any problems with the property. It’s like a ‘health check’ for buildings, which could save you thousands in the future. There are three main types:

The building survey provides a detailed report on construction and condition. It’s particularly useful if the property is dilapidated, has been extensively altered or you’re planning a major conversion or renovation.

You can get more information on the types of survey available by reading the RICS Guide to Surveys, which is available at : -